Production Possibilities

Here is a short extract of the possibilities of our production:

  • Cable packaging in wage work or as supplier of braid wires, data lines, power cables, hybrid lines and control lines in all cross-sectional areas with different electrical parts
  • Production of cable manufacture, bounded or wrapped, completely pre-finished for your area of application
  • Special manufacture of DV-cables and control lines, also with special parts for the EMV-protection
  • Insulation displacement-link systems with flat ribbon cable all grid mass or in forming
  • Coaxial- and triaxial processing as well as the production of specific  multicore wires
  • Waterproofed over molded components in the low pressure procedure
  • Complete wiring of assemblies and 19 inches of sub racks including shaping of sheet
  • Integration of active or passive components, also with different casting technologies
  • Series production also of small and minimal orders