The company CWT connector & wire technology develops, projects, produces and sells assembled conductions directly. Our innovative team has gained longstanding experience, in order to afford you as a future-oriented service enterprise the following: Expertise, innovative proposed solutions, accurate implementations, reliable deployment of the items through an intelligent logistics system; really simple – a good service.

The philosophy of our company is to be an available after-sales manager and partner. Our strengths are to develop innovative solutions in corporation with our customers. Behind the services of the CWT is a motivated team of employees which assumes skilled competent the following service:

  • Support of the projection to the model building of cable system through the technical support in the case of  accomplishment and solutions in the case of occurring problems
  • Production according to requirements specification, as well as at the desire of drawings through the CAD and documentation
  • Quick and uncomplicated production of prototypes and samples
  • Purchase of material, handling and stocking
  • Delivery of set of cables for the complete wiring of appliances under an item number

CWT delivers customized made-up cables to companies all over the world. We help our customers fast and unconventionally in the following market segments:

  • Medical technology
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Automation
  • Data technology and telecommunication
  • Engineering (printing machine, steel slider,…)
  • Research institution and universities